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Virtual Office Space Rental

Virtual Office Space

Rent virtual meeting space from £5 per hour. 

Rent Symetize Metaverse for your conference, or private event.  You move around with your avatar and you can see and hear people when your avatar comes into the private space of another avatar.

It feels natural and more like a physical space. You can choose how long you want to interact with other people just like in physical space!  Our exhibition facilities allow exhibitors to add links to their website, show videos of their products and services, and link to online stores to buy special offers at the event. Their exhibition area is a private space that allows people who visit to have a private conversation with a representative just like a physical exhibition.

We also have co-working space with private offices, meeting rooms, and networking space.

Rent our online meeting space for £5 per hour, where you can host meetings of up to 20 people per meeting. With easy access to meeting rooms,  coffee, and a networking area. 


For just £50 per month, you can have your own private office and host up to 4 visitors at a time in your office. 


The conference area can host up to 200 people with 2 breakout rooms and a networking area.  The space can be designed to suit your conference. 

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