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A bookkeeper who loves technology!

Hi, my name is Agnesia Agrella and I am the founder of Symetize and am passionate about growing businesses.

Research shows that 74% of office conflict is related to communication. Due to this statistic, I have studied how the body works under stress and I have found that Emotional intelligence, which is just understanding how the body performs under stress, are great tool to improve communication. 


I don't focus just on the numbers. I use various techniques to support my clients and their staff.  I believe healthy businesses start with healthy business processes because it reduces stress and improves communication. I do start with the numbers because the numbers never lie. 

Symetize offers a unique opportunity for you to grow your business fast.  I do the "boring stuff" while you focus on growth.  

I am a best-selling author of the book Mind your own business your money is your business.   and the North Star Planner.  I am a Whole Brain Practitioner and HeartMath Coach. I am a lifelong learner and hold certifications in accountancy and a master's degree in business leadership.


Caring, Inegrity, Honesty, Flexibility, Fair Exchange


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Supportive and Knowledgeable

Agnesia supported Unisus with a bookkeeping nightmare. Our processes and systems were in a mess and every task uncovered an even bigger mess following our systems being set up and managed incorrectly by two previous accountants. Agnesia worked with our trainee finance employee to unpick the massive spaghetti tangle and patiently put it all right for us. We could not have done this ourselves. I highly recommend Agnesia's services. Throughout the time helping us she kept in touch, organised regular meetings and made sure we knew exactly what the situation was. I didn't have to follow up with her at all, she kept me up to date at all times so there were no surprises for us. I think there were many surprises for Agnesia as she decifered the layers of problems in our quickbooks accounts.

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