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Symetize Ltd exists to solve the critical issues facing our clients, both large and small.  It was founded by Agnesia Agrella a Business Architect who facilitates change in businesses.  After 25+ years of consulting on the systems of multinationals in finance, manufacturing, insurance, engineering and tourism, She started to understand how and why business systems would break down. Almost always, it was because of the people who ran them. Sometimes they were nostalgic for the old ways, sometimes they were afraid of the investment, sometimes they just threw money at their problems…


Symetize's unique approach to systems and change is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We reduce departmental conflict to improve profits and align your teams for long term achievement. We in still maturity and responsibility into your entire team to improve confidence and reduce stress.  We lead every individual on your team to manage themselves and play to their own strengths.


  Symetize supports business leaders and their teams to face their biggest obstacles and uses processes based on Neuroscience to clear the organizations path to greater prosperity and wealth.
Agnesia's passion lies in the construction of environments that support healthy business systems, and healthy lives. She has a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Masters in Business Leadership, She has consulted for various industries, and developed over 100 workflow systems.
She is an experienced change management consultant and is a certified NeuroChangeSolutions Consultant with Dr Joe Dispenza.  She uses the latest change management techniques based on Neuroscience to support organizations to change people's mindset, unwritten rules and culture of the organization.
Her unique interests helped her designed processes for one of the largest paper manufacturers in the world, 6 of the largest banks in the world, including Bank of New York, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland and Standard Life Aberdeen.
Agnesia believes that each business is a system as complex as that within the human body.  When a body’s systems work well, it is healthy and when a business’s systems work well, it makes profit. When organizations focus on both the human and the business systems the organization creates a culture and staff that is motivated to deliver best service to all stakeholders of the organization.
Agnesia combines her knowledge of the human body and her knowledge of business processes to create extraordinary environments for businesses to create extraordinary results.


Caring, Honesty, Flexibility

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