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Skilled Technology Support Professional with more than 10 Years' Experience

Hi, my name is Agnesia Agrella and I am the founder of Symetize and am passionate about business processes and creating healthy businesses. 

Research shows that 74% of office conflict is related to communication. Due to this statistic, I have studied how the body works under stress and I have found that Emotional intelligence, which is really just understanding how the body performs under stress, are great tools to improve communication. 


I use various techniques to support my clients and their staff.  I believe healthy businesses start with healthy business processes because it reduces stress and improves communication.  I support you to implement simple and easy-to-use systems and processes. I ensure your business focuses on the needs of the customer and empowers your staff to add value for the customer. 


I love technology and found a fun way to make the virtual world part of the physical world.  I believe technology should work for humans and make their life easier. 

Symetize is a virtual co-working and event space in the cloud.  It is a fun way to walk around, and interact just like in the physical world.    You can rent a virtual office, rent a virtual meeting room, rent a virtual event space to launch your book, or attend a virtual wedding exhibition. 

Symetize offers a unique opportunity for you to grow your business fast.  We do the "boring stuff" while you focus on growth.  We combine your passion with our skills in implementing technology to grow your business fast. 

I am a best-selling author of the book Mind your own business your money is your business.   and the North Star Planner.  I am a Whole Brain Practitioner and HeartMath Coach. I am a lifelong learner and hold certifications in accountancy and a master's degree in business leadership.


Caring, Honesty, Flexibility, Fair Exchange


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Supportive and Knowledgeable

"I am writing to offer a massive thank you for your recent work within our business.  When we first spoke about the possibility of your assistance, you not only showed a great willingness to help, you made sacrifices to be able to help which was greatly appreciated.
You were able to get a real feel for our business very quickly and offer some great advice and really help streamline our systems and processes, which has now left us in a much better position to employ staff going forward and giving them specific job roles."

Chris D.

CP Property

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