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Emotional Intelligence

We develop emotional intelligence

Our work is based on scientific research.  The Organizational Wellness Instrument identifies TEN FACTORS, which have a significant impact on the workplace environment and also support and sustain happiness, creativity and productivity throughout the entire company.  Some of these factors include trust, fun and the language that people use (positive versus negative).  Each of the ten factors is plotted as ‘above the line’ (positive) or ‘below the line’ (negative).  Above-the-line factors contribute to the ‘wellness’ and creative environment. Below-the-line factors can destroy the organization if left unchecked! 

We use this valuable information to design a plan of action with management to ensure any change required to implement a new vision and strategy is achieved.  We have various tools to assist with changing the attitude of the staff.  

We support leaders in facing their biggest obstacles – motivating and engaging their staff. We use our knowledge of the human body and business processes to create extraordinary environments for people to deliver extraordinary results.

I am writing to offer a massive thank you to Agnesia for your recent work within our business. When we first spoke about the possibility of your assistance, you not only showed a great willingness to help, you made sacrifices to be able to help which was greatly appreciated. You were able to get a real feel for our business very quickly and offer some great advice and really help streamline our systems and processes, which has now left us in a much better position to employ staff going forward and giving them specific job roles. Your help and advice has been invaluable, it is great to be able to call on your expertise going forward when required and we would have no hesitation in recommending you and your business. CP Property

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