At Symetize we adjust our process to fit your organization. 

Our products are designed to empower your staff!

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Whole Brain leadership ensures that challenges and problems are reviewed and solved from 4 different perspectives based on left and right brain functionality.  Using this leadership approach ensures staff are informed and confident to make decisions. They are confident in their performance and motivated because the organization values their contribution and they have the authority to find innovative solutions to business challenges.  Confident staff is motivated and passionate about their work. 

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Organizational Wellness

In the past measuring the creativity of an organization was a long and cumbersome process and one that was often neglected. We learnt from very successful companies that monitoring the environment is critical in maintaining a business culture that anticipates problems before it happens, rectifies mistakes immediately and sustains passion and energy in an organisation.  Our Organizational wellness indicator measures against the 10 essential factors for success in any creative environment: Trust, Learning, Gratification, Language, Ownership, Energy, Change, Interaction, Communication, Innovation & Creativity

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Science & Technology

To ensure we deliver value to our clients we use research-based methodologies and tools to measure the output of our work.  Technology assists us to measure the effectiveness of our training on your staff.   We use technology to measure stress levels before we start working with your staff and after we have delivered our training and coaching.  We also do the measurements 3 months after we have delivered our programmes to determine if there was lasting change.