Why does your business exist?

We only really take stock of our lives when we go through a crisis. Very few people change out of choice. The last year has forced everybody to change and some had time to reflect, but so many are frustrated and feel trapped. Have the following questions passed your mind lately?

WHY does your business exist?

WHY is your life so complicated?

WHY did you ever start this business?

Our bodies are not designed for long term stress and under normal circumstances, all business owners work under pressure due to uncertainty of owning their own business. This stress was multiplied during COVID and it is normal for anybody to feel stressed and asking these questions are normal too. These questions are amazingly simple and that is why so many people do not take time to answer them.

Simon Sinek in 2009 made the WHY question popular again. His book and his talks have supported and inspired many people to connect with their passion.

Did you know that John Zachman who worked for IBM in the 80’s actually designed a business architecture model based on 6 quite simple questions?







These questions became the foundation of an exceedingly popular business architecture model and are still being used by many business architects today.

Every business should be asking these questions during these times. Taking time out to align with what gives you joy creates vibrations of success. It will give you time to reflect on all the good times when you did not know how to build your business and yet you did it. It will give you the confidence that you still know how to solve problems and that you will be able to solve this crisis with the support of your team.

We are happiest when we are striving to achieve a goal. When we achieve one goal, it is a natural human tendency to set another, usually bigger. W. Clement Stone calls it inspirational dissatisfaction — It is that feeling of total an utter inner peace after you achieve a goal. For a while, your body feels strange, your mind is not racing so much, and you do not know how to react. Some people call it a let-down feeling, but it is a feeling of wholeness. It is that short period before you tell yourself you must take the next step toward a new goal.

That strange feeling before that nagging feeling, it’s time to get into action, is a feeling of peace and wholeness! A feeling not many people are familiar with.

Simon Sinek inspired so many people because they connected with their own joy, their own confidence that they know where they are going. You can do this anytime you are prepared to slow down or maybe stop for 2 hours to connect with the emotions that make you happy.

The difficult part is that people do not think it is for them. You must practice your connection with your joy every day. Theoretical knowledge without practical experience might be compared to a large mass of undirected energy. Until it is focused, it is difficult to direct the energy to a useful end.

Practical experience is the lens through which the energy of knowledge may be focused and directed toward activities that will provide the greatest benefit.

When you learn new concepts or have an idea that has not yet been tested, make it a practice to think through its application carefully before implementation. When you have considered the possibilities, and it still seems to be a good idea — get into action. The only way to get practical experience is to get to work executing your idea.

You see whether you focus your attention to your joy or your stress your body will take you there. You must choose the direction for you body.

There is no compromise or negotiation when it comes to who will run your life. Either you take charge and live a productive life of your choosing or you allow yourself to be ruled by circumstances.

But there will inevitably be setbacks. In the old West, a cowboy expression went, “There never was a horse that couldn’t be rode, and there never was a rider that couldn’t be throwed.”

Like everyone else, you will have days when everything goes right, and you are on top of the world. Relish those days, enjoy them, and remember them. Recall the euphoria that accompanied them when you need an extra measure of positive thinking to get back in the saddle after you have experienced an embarrassing and painful fall.

It just takes a slight adjustment in your perspective to feel the joy, to connect with your heart and to provide understanding for the people around you who are also going through the same emotions.

I know dealing with emotions are challenging and that is why I offer various training and coaching sessions for business teams. Allowing others to support us can be fun and when you as a business team tap into this creativity you can influence the future of the business too. At Symetize we combine business process design with people creativity and passion to build businesses that sustain all their staff.

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