When was the last time you asked why you chose your career?

As children, we ask “why” all the time, but as adults, we hardly ask why?

Do you take time to evaluate your “why” on a regular basis or when was the last time you asked why you chose your career?

Maybe the why is that your family has done this job for generations. E.g., plumbers, preachers, or military servants. These legacies are incredibly meaningful for most families and keep them connected. They manage to pass down the business to the next generation, they enjoy doing things together and everyone is proud of it.

Most entrepreneurs just want to start something from the ground up, because there is no challenge like it. When things are first getting off the ground, entrepreneurs must become experts in everything, from finance to marketing and everything in between. It is an uphill climb like no other, and genuine entrepreneurs thrive on the drive required to crest that hill. Whatever the longest, worst day throws at you; it is never, ever going to be dull.

Most entrepreneurs know there are several keys to success, but perseverance is what will carry you to reaching your goals. It has also been said that perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.

Nobody knows this better than America’s great inventor Thomas A. Edison. It is said that he failed 10,000 times in his attempt to develop a workable electric light bulb. He learned from each failure and refused to quit until he succeeded. Breakthroughs occur every day because a determined person continues to search for solutions to complex problems long after everyone else has given up and gone home.

You may not invent the light bulb or the next supercomputer, but you can find creative solutions to old problems if you apply the proven principles of perseverance.

To do this day in and day out without any results needs a strong focus and a positive mind. You develop that strong mind by regulating your fear of failure and staying focused on your why. Self-regulation of emotions is key to building the resilience to persevere until you achieve your goals, and the field of science is perhaps the best illustration of how success always seems to come to those who apply the principle of accurate thinking in a persistent, determined effort. The field of neuroscience is giving us the skills on how to develop perseverance and reap the rewards associated with being a successful entrepreneur.

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