What is important to protect your assets and your lifestyle with Joel Zimelstern

Joel is an Independent Insurance Claims expert and feels strongly that customers should get all that they are entitled to from their insurance policy rather than lose out because the insurance company takes advantage of their lack of knowledge of how the industry works.

Very often he works with customers who are going through a very challenging and sometimes traumatic time. So being able to offer help, advice and support that has their best interests at heart is an unseen but critical part of the service he offers.

A key part of his service is to manage and present insurance claims on behalf of his customers. This includes negotiating with the insurance company with the goal of ensuring that his customers get all that their policy entitles them to. While you would like to believe that your insurance company has your best interests at heart they are in reality a business

protecting their profits. Their priority is it to minimise your claim and what they have to pay


Part of his mission is to raise awareness and educate customers about presenting a successful claim and the rights they have.


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