Symetize launches Creativity & Innovation Centre to help UK businesses solve internal conflicts and

Under-pressure businesses must access ‘whole brain thinking’ to meet the challenges of 2021…

Edinburgh-based business change consultancy Symetize has created an online Creativity & Innovation Centre, where teams can access tools, techniques and training to help resolve interpersonal conflicts and unlock their ‘frozen’ problem-solving skills.

Ongoing uncertainty around Covid-19 restrictions and Brexit has driven many UK businesses into serious debt, leaving their leaders panicked, stressed and unable to tap into the creativity and communication skills needed to turn their situation around.

The pandemic has lasted longer than any of us could have expected and many individuals and companies are falling into debt. This leads to a fear response in most people’s brains, which shuts down the areas responsible for creativity, innovation and communication. When stressed, we no longer have access to the kind of thinking needed to develop solutions.

The new Centre provides a safe space where business teams can, firstly, learn to self-regulate stress and, then, access exercises that help them to understand and harness the diversity of thinking among the team members. The work we’ll do at the Centre will draw on ‘whole brain thinking’ of teams to spot and develop other revenue streams that the business hadn’t considered before.

Teams can access tools such as the Neethling Brain Instruments, questionnaires developed by creativity expert Dr Kobus Neethling, to reveal the different sorts of thinking happening among your team members. Accessing the ‘whole brain’ of your team in this way helps to resolve conflicts and communication blockages, and stimulates the conditions needed for creativity on demand.

Operating from a whole-brain perspective ensures that a business, if faced with a challenge, asks the right questions of itself and draws on the full range of opinion and expertise within its senior team, without egos and personality clashes getting in the way of potential solutions.

“One positive thing to come from the Covid-19 crisis is that we are all more open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. Now is the right time to try new ways of thinking through play, to re-access the incredible levels of clarity and creativity we all had as children. Symetize’s Creativity and Innovation Centre provides individuals and businesses with the tools and training they need to do that.”

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