Simple Finance Controls for Smart Entrepreneurs with Phoebe Dray

Phoebe Dray is a qualified accountant, accomplished speaker, and business owner of namesake consultancy that provides innovative business programs, online courses, education and bookkeeping services. Her online courses and annual programs help small business owners with their systems, accounting, marketing and strategy.

Her consultancy works with business owners to:

● Create and outline a clear business plan, including business vision, mission, goals; and break them into simple achievable steps. ● Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, incorporating traditional and digital channels. ● Have a well thought-out plan to reduce the overwhelm and stress many new business owners feel when getting started. ● Understand their business financials and simplify their numbers so they can make sense of how their business is performing and keep their finger on the pulse of what is and isn’t working, and how to make adjustments to achieve better results.

In this interview she gives practical ideas on how to implement simple controls to protect your finances.


This graphic summary of the interview was supplied by one of our viewers Derek Watson from Canalpath Creative

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