Shak Gosine author of "I AM" children's book

Shak Gosine is the author of the children’s book "I AM" She was introduced to Spirituality from a very young age. Spirituality was always a great part of her family life and early childhood.

Beginning with our early morning prayer circle with her father, then at school, and on Sundays at temple. There were also gatherings at neighbours and relatives houses, which also turned into social time for us children.

So Yes, she was definitely soaking in Spirituality.

Her Spiritual background is in Hinduism / Vedic philosophies. This has greatly impacted her life in a most positive way, and the one important element that stuck with her is how we are connected to the Universe and how it supports us.

Many cultures and thought leaders today are also embracing this concept. She shares this experience through her book, so that children can understand how they are connected to the Universe and that it is the very essence of their nature and their birth right.

You can meet Shak at Edinburgh International Marketing Festival 2018


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