Remember that no one can hurt your feelings without your cooperation and willingness.

I am sure you have heard this statement before. But in reality, this is only true if you have trained your body not to react to events around you or other people’s words. In the old days when everything was nicely organised and much easier to comprehend, we only had to deal with one type of intelligence, the logical type expressed in IQ. Then we realized there are also other types of intelligence when the scientists told us about Emotional Intelligence EQ and this made a huge difference to so many people. But in a world where everything needs to be logical EQ was always difficult to measure. IQ was easy, there were tests people could take and all our education systems were based on IQ. Although EQ has been adopted in many parts of society so many people still do not take time to develop their EQ.

But now scientists are showing us that there are ways we can measure the effects of our emotions and when we can measure it, we can manage it. Now we can satisfy all those logical minds who need proof before they will accept the importance of EQ. This pandemic is showing us how important EQ is and hopefully, more people will take the time to develop it. Emotional Intelligence can be developed. It just needs practice like any other muscle in the body.

With the information becoming more mainstream you alone are responsible for your feelings and emotions and by learning how to manage your emotions you can choose how you want to react to your environment and other people’s words, rather than respond through the instant defence reaction from your body.

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