Mind Tricks with Jane Rushton

Jane inspires and motivates people by sharing her journey of her near fatal, head on car accident in 1992.

This accident left unrecognisable and she had to learn to walk again. After many surgeries Jane realised she had to make a choice either to be a victim or to learn how to heal herself and create more happiness in any area of her life. With Jane’s easy formula, “MIND TRICKS 5 KEY STEPS” she discovered how to create more balance, bliss and productivity in their life. Jane, is an entrepreneur from the age of 24 is a successful Author of the books MIND TRICKS and I Lost My Face. She is a Life Coach and Spiritual Healer.

She also coordinates International Netball Festivals and is a Director of two companies. In this interview Jane shares how she had to find her inner strength to build her businesses after her devastating car accident.


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