Just start managing your money with Brian Ondrako on Friday 17 January 2020 12pm GMT

Updated: Jan 17

Brian says he is just a dude exploring the endless possibilities of the world and trying to do it through positivity and gratitude. He was made with love in New York and have been hanging his hat in the Carolinas for his adult life.

He has taken the traditional path in life that many are taught to do. Get a job, grow your career, start a family, don't stray too much from the beaten path, etc. Then, a few years ago, he made a decision to change his life for the better and to started diving deeper into exploration around what would truly make me fulfilled in life. Thus began my “Renaissance-period”.

In 2017, he started a Podcast called Just Get Started where he interviews entrepreneurs / founders / etc. who are living life on their own terms and getting outside their comfort zone to achieve a more fulfilling life.

The goal of the podcast is to help inspire others and educate them that past the fear and anxiety of forging your own path is such a remarkable ripple effect of opportunity that can the catalyst to set you up for success and happiness. It’s been quite a journey of learning and he has met some great people along the way that will be lifelong friends. He is also working on his first children’s book that will launch around the end of 2019, continuing his CrossFit journey, and focusing on some new business ventures.

He shares a lot of his journey through his Podcast or his website / social pages. Feel free to check out his Now page on his website that he updates every quarter with what he is involved in - https://brianondrako.com/now/. Please reach out online as well – @brianondrako on Instagram and Twitter. He would enjoy connecting further and seeing what gets you up in the morning and is inspiring you today.


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