In search of a dream with Emily Adams

Always asking “why” and dreaming of finding true happiness. 

Born and raised in the Amish culture Emily always wondered why. Why did they live differently? Was there more to life than being Amish? Was there true happiness somewhere? 

She was not your average Amish girl. She had no interest in learning how to cook, clean, sew or do anything girly. She was a tomboy who loved to be outside, playing sports and training horses. 

At the age of 17 she left the culture and leave everything she knew. This was the first time in her life that she realized the amount of mental strength she had and the ability to believe in herself even when no one believed in her.

A year later she was pregnant with her oldest son, and she got married at 19. A year into the verbal abusive marriage she knew she needed out but felt stuck since she just found out she was pregnant with my youngest son. 

After 2 years she realized she has to leave an abusive marriage. She needed to do this for her children and herself. Gathering up what strength she had, she filed for divorce and became a single mom. In this interview she will share her journey and how following her dream gave he courage to leave everything she knew for her dream!


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