How will your business transition into the new world?

The world paused for a year, something no one believed will ever happen and it has been interesting, tragic for some, exciting for others. It has shown us the brutal honesty of life and how we as human beings adjust to changes in our environment. It has also shown us how vulnerable we are and just like any other species we are part of the environment and we too have a life cycle. Now that we have to start interacting again, how will you impact your environment? Our businesses and our society is just a reflection of our individual beliefs and actions. Will we as a species take responsibility for our role in this bigger consciousness through our words, actions and emotions?

"How" - is such an amazing question and as human beings, we have the power to answer this question with new ideas and perspective. When we ask “how” we focus our mind, on a specific topic and our frontal lobe just loves looking for solutions. When we take time to be still to give our minds space to find the solution, we always get an answer. An answer that is so much richer than our past experiences or how we do things because that is how we have done it for so long.

We were not prepared for lockdown because so many believed it can never happen. We were all in shock, survival and panic kicked in before we even know what was happening.

Coming out of lockdown is different, we all know we have to interact again, we all want to have contact with other people and most of us have realized what is important to us. Will you take time to find a new solution for a new world?

How will you transition into the new world? Are you looking at how you can go back to your old self or are you ready to embrace and accept that you are not the same anymore? Will you take time to find a new “HOW”? or are you just rushing into the world desperate to get back to your old life. Can you still remember what that old life was or will you realize you have been stretched to a point of no return just like an elastic band that has been overstretched and never returns to its old form?

The question “How” is normally associated with processes and procedures and there is safety in following tried and tested processes and procedures. If you want to change your business, you also have to change your processes and procedures because it has to align and support your new vision. If the world has changed why would you want to stay the same?

Margaret Wolfe Hungerford said, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” It was her way of saying that we see what we wish to see in others. Every living human being is a complex combination of feelings, emotions, and thoughts — some good, some bad. Your impression of another depends far more upon you and your expectations of that person. If you believe someone is good, you will find good qualities. If you don’t, you won’t.

When you are yourself a positive person, you tend to find positive qualities in others. As you work to develop good, constructive habits to improve yourself continually, make it a practice to look for those same qualities in others. It’s easy to spot another’s shortcomings, but when you identify the good in others and congratulate them upon their positive achievements, you will make friends on whom you can always depend — both in good times and bad. I believe this is the responsibility of every business owner, management team and manager, as it is your responsibility to make sure every person in the business knows exactly what you want to achieve.

I just love this old diagram explaining how projects can go drastically wrong because everybody has a different picture in their head based on their past experience!!

I just love this diagram explaining how projects can go drastically wrong because everybody has a different picture in their head based on their past experience.

As this picture shows there are many different ways to solve the same problem and doing it in isolation will definitely lead to confusion. Whole-Brain leadership addresses 3 other questions that can be used to solve any problem holistically.

Will you transition your business in isolation or will you transition holistically?

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