How to move from student debt to Financial Freedom with Ryan Narus

Ryan is a Wake Forest University double graduate with a Psychology degree and a masters in business.

But like other millennials his age, he found the workforce left a lot to be desired.

So, he started his own company! But here’s the thing: He started with nothing. No money. No experience. No network.

He was a 20 something with way more student loan debt than actual capital to invest in deals. Flash forward 4 years later and he has been a part of over $20MM in mobile home park acquisitions spanning roughly 1,245 pads and he sees himself as just a normal dude.

The only thing that makes him different is that he refused to quit. And he was willing to sacrifice, and do things others weren’t willing to do.

He found creative ways to make money while he scaled his business up. He was stuck in Corporate America, but he escaped and now wants to help others do the same.

In this interview Ryan shares what he did to pay off his student loans and build up a business that provides a passive income to support his family. He just became a dad!!


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