Forex Trading for Beginners with Clive Cusens

Clive Cusens had a varied career path, starting off as a language teacher, then becoming a diplomat, then founding a company that focused on corporate training and even ran an Airbnb business on the side. He started Forex trading in 2019 because he was interested in creating an additional revenue stream for himself. 

When the Covid pandemic hit, both of his main businesses took a hit, and he eventually had to let go of his Airbnb business. Fortunately, by this time, his Forex trading skills had improved significantly and Clive decided to devote himself to trading full-time. 

Clive runs a trading community called the Pip Catchers. All the members are subscribers to an educational platform that Clive himself uses to learn how to trade Forex, Commodities, Indices and Crypto currencies. Through this community, Clive and the rest of the more experienced members give additional training, support and guidance to the newer members of the team, with the aim of speeding up their progress and avoiding making newbie mistakes in order to help them to trade safely and profitably. The team also benefits from having a far more experienced trader who gives them private coaching sessions whenever the need arises.


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