Focus on what you want not what you don't want!!

As the new year is approaching and we have more time to reflect, I would like to invite you to focus on what we can learn from 2020.

When you take charge of your mind, you take charge of your life. When you understand your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and desires, you can direct them to any end you choose.

Wisdom comes from taking the time to study yourself, to know why you are the person you are. Taking charge of your mind is a thoughtful, reflective, solitary process. Only you can come to understand the complex inner workings of your own mind, and you must be willing to spend the time and effort that gaining such insight requires.

Let’s face it, change is difficult and change creates discomfort.

The root of this discomfort comes from our own biology and how our brain is wired. We now have a deeper understanding of the biology and neuroscience of personal change. And, this new awareness gives us the opportunity to teach practical tools that help create individual and collective change.

To hear more from Dr Joe Dispenza about the biology and neuroscience of personal change, watch this video.

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