Who is directing your mind?

Now that lockdown is lifting new decisions need to be implemented in all businesses. Once again, the world will go through a big change. The question of “am I comfortable working in bigger groups” and am “I comfortable attending large gatherings?” has to be made by everyone. Some people might have made the decision and some people might still be pondering what they want to do and some people follow what the majority of people will do.

For me, these questions show how important people are to any business and that the mind of the business is determined by the cumulation thinking of the people. The business will only change if all the people in the business change their thinking. Some businesses and institutions have tried to control the mind of the people, but it has proven they can only control the mind of the people who will allow them.

The mind is the most powerful weapon known to man. It simply cannot be controlled or contained by an outside force, however formidable that force may at first appear. Leadership that can evoke a passion for their vision can guide their people through so much uncertainty and volatility with a lot less stress and fear.

Throughout history, tyrants have tried to control those who opposed them, but eventually, these rulers discovered the power of the imagination was far greater than the threat of the sword. As Victor Hugo said, “An invasion of armies can be resisted, but not an idea whose time has come.”

Are you taking time as a leader or an employee to think about your mind? Where do you want to direct your mind? Is your mind aligned with the values and culture of your business?

Many successful people have found opportunities in failure and adversity that they could not recognize in more favourable circumstances.

Samuel Johnson once observed that the prospect of being hanged wonderfully focuses the mind. You yourself may have found that your mind seems sharpest when you are faced with the greatest difficulties. Desperation often proves you really are better than you think. But except for an immediate threat to your life or health, there are few situations that require instantaneous action.

In these times of uncertainty learning to self-regulate the fear and direct your mind might be the best skills businesses can offer their staff. It is key to mental health and health of the business.

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