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Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Are your customers complaining about the service you offer?  Are you struggling to motivate your staff?

Having a team with diverse thinking preferences ensures the team looks at challenges from a wholistically or a "whole brain" perspective.  We support you in selecting the best-suited employees for positions in the business and retaining valuable employees. Which in itself reduces recruitment costs. 

The general belief is that continuous improvement must focus on business processes, we at Symetize believe people execute the processes and that you should start with the people. Their thinking preferences influence the way they communicate, make decisions, solve problems and manage those around them.

Understanding staff's thinking preferences can give them a new perspective on themselves and how they interact with everybody. It develops creativity and positive thinking in the team and it identifies the essence of a problem to empower the team to focus on the solution rather than the problems. 
It identifies the strengths of each member of the team allowing them to understand who is best to solve which problems.  It improves collaboration and teamwork.

At Symetize we think differently to create solutions that solve your challenges effectively and efficiently and we measure our results because we combine Whole Brain thinking with the Theory of Constraints and Systems thinking. 

I worked with Agnesia on the credit card programme at Sainsbury’s bank. Agnesia demonstrated the following on that programme 1. Experience : Agnesia is a very experienced process professional and without that, I do not believe the programme would have met its core objectives 2. Professionalism. This was a challenging programme as there was limited knowledge on the client side as to what the future operating model would be. Agnesia used her professional experience to create an environment where the client could develop that operating model in a safe environment and challenge the process development 3. Resilience. : this was an ambitious programme given limited knowledge and challenging time frames. Without the mental toughness to get to the finish line and personal resilience during challenging times shown by Agnesia we would not have met the programme deliverables. I really enjoyed working with Agnesia , she challenged me at times but always with the best interests of the end goal and I appreciated that. Agnesia is very focused on the end result and works extremely well with colleagues and client staff to achieve that. If u are on a tough project a great colleague to have on your side. ​ Joyce: I recently completed an NCS course run by Agnesia and can highly recommend it! Agnesia is a knowledgeable and relaxed coach and makes the course interactive and fun to learn. The course itself is insightful and I found out a lot about myself as well as how to be a better Agile practitioner. Sainsbury's Credit Card

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