Symetize offers products that encourages management to think big and trains their staff to implement these big visions with confidence and through collaboration!!

Helping SME's thrive and dominate their marketplace

The Alpha Group is an exclusive peer-to-peer executive board helping business owners and CEO's to double the value of their business and dominate their market place in 2 to 3 years.  An Alpha Group executive board is great for Accounting and Legal  firms who would like to offer more value to their clients and help them grow.  These are inhouse board meetings exclusive for you clients. 

Agnesia Agrella is trained Alpha Group Regional Director  in Edinburgh, Scotland whose vision is to build a  network of executive boards in 20 different countries over the next 12 months.  

The benefit of attending an Alpha Group executive board meeting is knowing that you have an experienced team behind you, who will collaborate with you, help crystalize your ideas and hold you accountable so that you do not have to face business challenges alone.

The Alpha Group has tried and tested all material used in the board meeting and coaching and the material is refined and introduces when relevant for your business.  

These are not networking events it is a board meeting where you work on the issues that is holding your business back and this means that members must be:

  • Willing and able to implement decisions in the business

  • Open to transformational change

  • Prepared to be held accountable

  • Be generous with knowledge

  • Willing to share their industry knowledge with members from other industries

However, you only need to share whatever you feel comfortable with sharing.  We find though, that the more people share the more they and the rest of the meeting benefits from this instant feedback and discussion.

The board meetings are great catalysts for "light bulb" moments and often help bring issues from the shadows that members had not recognised for the blockages they can be. 

Changing organizations from the inside out!!

Change Your Mind...Create New Results is a groundbreaking 20 hour training based on the rapidly evolving field of neuroscience.  If you’re ready to shift the culture of your organization and build an emotionally intelligent,  resilient, creative, and fully engaged team and leaders, then this  experience offers powerful insights, along with tools for change and self regulation. Another word for stress is survival and so many businesses are struggling to survive.


This experience enables individuals, in an organization, to harness the incredible power of their brains to make significant changes. The result is positively transformed organizational culture and developed leaders.  As a result of this experience, with recommended follow-on group coaching for a set period after the experience your staff will:

  •  Learn how the brain works and why this is important for change and managing their emotions

  • Set intentions for themselves and their team to create new results and outputs

  • Apply practices to create solutions to improve their teams efficiency and effectiveness 

  • Experience how to mentally rewire their brain and improve confidence emotional intelligence

This experience is developed by Dr. Joe Dispenza, researcher, best-selling author, and global lecturer. Dr Joe has worked closely with master trainers and curriculum design experts to create a program specifically designed to facilitate organisational change. Through a rigorous application, selection, and certification process, Dr. Dispenza has personally certified consultants to deliver this work. 


Agnesia Agrella  is  a certified NCS consultant and will be working with your organization to deliver value to your customers and increase your profitability. 

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