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Let Technology 
work for you!

I make implementing technology easy!

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Hi, I'm Agnesia,
a Skilled Technology Support Professional

I love technology and found a fun way to make the Virtual world part of the Physical world.  I believe technology should work for humans and make our life easier.

I created Symetize to support you in leveraging technology to grow your business. It is a virtual co-working space in the cloud. Where we work with you to automate your Administration and make job management, client management, and staff management easier. 


We do the "boring stuff" while you focus on growth.    

What Can I Do For You?

Simplify and streamline your business using technology!

Job Management

Save time and systemize with ServiceM8. It is a user-friendly integrated solution for businesses that completes numerous small jobs daily. e.g. Electrical and Heating Engineers, Cleaners, Painter&Decorators, and Roofers are some examples.  As a certified partner, I make it easier for you. 

Virtual Admin Support

Ready to cut out paperwork, get more jobs done and focus on the needs of your customers? I research which technology suits your business best, design the solution with you and implement the solution by doing the work.  I train you and your staff to best use your technology.

Job Description Design

People execute processes and team development is extremely important for any business.  Aligning staff thinking to the vision of the business helps them to add value to the business and helps the business to achieve its vision and objectives.  Symetize uses various techniques to support staff to communicate, make decisions and solve problems better. 

Virtual Office Space

Symetize Metaverse is a virtual co-working space where you can rent a virtual private office, meeting room, or event space. With easy access, you determine when you want to be in the office and you can invite anybody to meet with you in your office. You have full control over your office hours and your visitors.

Virtual Book Launch

We support you to clarify the story behind your book and we offer 3 different packages to market and launch your book in the metaverse.  You can build a global following and they can all attend your launch at the push of a button!!

Virtual Wedding Exhibition

Our first virtual Wedding Exhibition will showcase the best wedding venues in Cape Town.  You can meet various suppliers of wedding products and services all based in and around Cape Town. Full access from any time zone for 2.5 days to plan your unforgettable wedding in Cape Town.   


Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country

Patient and Knowledgable

Agnesia was very patient in explaining new concepts to our team and giving our team the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. She is friendly, adaptable, approachable and shares her knowledge in a personable way.
The majority of our team were not familiar with documenting processes, the potential of IT systems and IT terminology, this meant that Agnesia had a challenging role. She managed to engage with a wide audience of people and put in place, a good foundation for our IT change team in a short period of time.

Hazel R

Rabbies Tours

Flexible and Committed

As a project we needed support and guidance to turn lots of really great thinking and ideas into something tangible. Agnesia was able to supplement our theory with real experience of delivering change and brought a massive amount of energy and structure to a very complex programme. (and a lot of fun)  Agnesia provided excellent support to the existing team but, more importantly, provided us with challenge where we needed challenge. All challenge was confident, relevant, based on her experience and understanding and presented to the business in the right way

Steven M

Standard Life

Creative & Resourceful

Agnesia provided a brain profile and spent time running through the results with me. It was fascinating to hear what came out from such a simple process and thankfully aligned with my choice of career and business.
I would recommend to anyone that they would find the process both useful and insightful, especially if they are about to embark on something
new or are having doubts about what they are doing.

Derek W.

Canalpath Creative

Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

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