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Symetize is an online Creativity and Innovation Centre. We provide co-working space in the cloud. You can rent a virtual office, appoint a virtual assistant and join our community.  We provide fast growth programmes for start-ups, and small to medium-size business owners who are prepared to learn and share their experience with other business leaders.  We offer monthly executive boards where you solve business problems with business owners from different industries. 


Research shows that 74% of office conflict is related to communication.  Emotional intelligence and understanding how the body performs under stress are great tools to improve communication.  Symetize provides training and coaching to staff and teams to develop their emotional intelligence and ability to self-regulate.  Self-regulation refers to the ability to manage emotions in stressful and pressured environments to enhance performance and improve health. Nobody can work under a huge amount of pressure over extended periods of time.  Learning to self regulate reduces stress and can build energy rather than deplete energy.

Whole Brain leadership ensures that challenges and problems are reviewed and solved from 4 different perspectives based on left and right brain functionality.  Applying this problem-solving methodology ensures staff are informed and confident to make decisions. They are confident in their performance and motivated because the organization values their contribution and they have the authority to find innovative solutions to business challenges.  Confident staff is motivated and passionate about their work. 

Symetize's unique approach to systems and change is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We guide your staff into the creative process away from negativity and resistance.  We reduce team conflict to improve profits and align teams for long term growth.  We provide skills that create maturity and responsibility into teams resulting in less stress and higher performance. 


Symetize incorporates the latest findings in neuroscience to support management to face their biggest obstacles: Resistance to change and motivating staff to higher performance.

The centre is designed to stimulate creativity and collaboration.  The programmes are designed to double the value of the business in an online metaverse where you move around with your avatar and when you step into another avatar's personal space your camera and microphone activate for you to have a conversation.


Agnesia has a Bachelor’s in Economics, a Masters in Business Leadership, is a Craniosacral Therapist, Certified NeuroChange Solutions Consultant with Dr Joe Dispenza, Certified Heartmath Coach with Heartmath Institue and Certified Whole Brain Practitioner with Dr Kobus Neethling.   She has consulted in various industries and developed over 100 workflow systems in various countries. 



Caring, Honesty, Flexibility, Fair Exchange



Are Business Owners who work globally without spending hours on trains, planes or cars.  We offer virtual office and networking space.  Agnesia facilitates a monthly executive board with a maximum of 20 business leaders per group from different industries for fast sustainable growth.  The executive boards provide solutions to daily challenges for all its members. 



In Symetize Metaverse you can meet people from around the world with the press of a button!!

You move around with your avatar and you can see and hear people when your avatar comes into the private space of another avatar.

This provides privacy and freedom to choose whom you want to interact with.  

It feels natural and more like a physical space. You can choose how long you want to interact with other people just like in physical space!


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