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faster than tumbling weed?

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Surveys show that 74% of all office politics are linked to communication issues.   

Understanding why people are different and how to communicate with more compassion breeds creativity and collaboration. 


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Symetize is a creative and innovation centre working with businesses to prepare them for growth and investment.


Our network of investors are always looking to investment in businesses who are productive and who has the potential to make a huge impact in their community.    

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Is your staff rolling out of your business faster than tumbling weed?  Are they tired after a long year of isolation, long hours, juggling many different tasks, family and homeschooling?


It is true that more change enabled by technology has been implemented in the last 12 months than in the previous 10 years.  Your staff had to adjust fast, take on many new tasks not just at work but also at home.  Human bodies are not designed to work under pressure or stress for extended periods of time.  The last 18 months have been challenging and stressful for you and your staff.  

How are they all feeling?  When was the last time you asked them?  Are they honest or are they telling you what you want to hear?

Change is like stepping into the dark, your body goes into defence immediately.  You do not have to think about it. In fact, your body reacts by bypassing your frontal lobe (your decision-making area of the brain) and send the signal to your arms and legs to prepare for the fight, flight, or freeze.  When your body thinks the environment is not safe it is not a time to think about how you can solve the problem or how creative you can be.

When your staff is in survival you can also notice it in their communication.  They are frustrated, short-tempered, can only see problems and complains a lot. 

Symetize offers a negativity instrument that identifies the cause of the negativity.  They work closely with clients to identify negativity in a business and to turn that negativity into creativity and top performance.

Symetize offers extraordinary problem-solving techniques, creativity tools, and models to unlock staff's true potential through collaboration and innovation. Transforming fear and self-limiting mindsets into creativity improve communication, inclusion, diversity, and innovation.


Symetize makes light work of business change!!


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