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Symetize is a virtual office that also provides administration processing. It’s hard to focus on your area of expertise if you’re constantly pulled away to answer the phone, order printer ink, manage files, organize payroll, or perform any number of important tasks required in every office. A skilled virtual assistant and office manager can handle these tasks and more, allowing you and the rest of your staff to focus on what you do best.


This virtual space is a Creativity and Innovation co-working space in the cloud. You can rent a virtual office, appoint a virtual assistant and join our community.  Symetize offers a unique opportunity for you to grow your business fast.  We do the "boring stuff" while you focus on growth.  Combine your passion with our fast growth programmes and learn and share challenges with other business leaders who are open and eager to learn just like you.  

Research shows that 74% of office conflict is related to communication.  Emotional intelligence and understanding how the body performs under stress are great tools to improve communication.  At Symetize we understand stress and we know how to support you to reduce stress in your life and your business. ​

Agnesia Agrella is the founder and passionate about business processes and creating healthy businesses.  She believes healthy businesses start with healthy business processes. Healthy business processes are simple and easy to follow.  It focuses on the needs of the customer and empowers staff to add value for the customer. 

Symetize's unique approach to systems and change is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful.

We set up systems to provide your customers with a smooth journey through your business.


We do the "boring stuff"!!





Caring, Honesty, Flexibility, Fair Exchange



Our community understands that the metaverse is foreign to most people, just like the internet was in the beginning.  This friendly 2D version is a great introduction because you still use your camera and your microphone but you have the freedom to choose where you go in the space and you can choose whom to interact with and when. 

  We are all learning and growing together. 

We share our fears and our breakthroughs, our failures, and we celebrate our success. 



In Symetize Metaverse you can meet people from around the world with the press of a button!!

You move around with your avatar and you can see and hear people when your avatar comes into the private space of another avatar.

This provides privacy and freedom to choose whom you want to interact with.  

It feels natural and more like a physical space. You can choose how long you want to interact with other people just like in physical space!


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