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Surveys show that 74% of all office politics are linked to communication issues.   

Understanding why people are different and how to communicate with more compassion breeds creativity and collaboration. 


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Symetize is a creativity and innovation centre that supports privately and family-owned businesses to tap into the creativity of their staff to deliver products and services their customers want.

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To create an innovative and creative culture you must create an environment where people feel safe and comfortable.  COVID19 has changed the world forever and stress levels around the world have raised. The human body is not designed to deal with such high-stress levels for such long.  

All organization around the globe had to change and adjust.  According to McKinsey & Company's research 74% of all change programmes in large corporations did not deliver the results they set out to achieve and terminology like “resistance to change” is common in all organization.  Resistance to change is also linked to negativity, absenteeism, and lack of engagement.  

Does your staff wait for the flavour of the month strategy? 

It is true that more change and technology has been implemented in the last 12 months than in the previous 10 years.

Why is it so difficult for people to change?

Change is like stepping into the dark, your body goes into defence immediately.  You do not have to think about it. In fact, your body reacts by bypassing your frontal lobe (your decision-making area of the brain) and send the signal to your arms and legs to prepare for the fight, flight, or freeze.  When your body thinks the environment is not safe it is not a time to think about how you can solve the problem or how creative you can be.

When your staff is under long periods of pressure due to tight deadlines, constantly dealing with customer emergencies or constant change their bodies are in constant defence and this shows up in the way they communicate.  They will be more impatient, frustrated, and small things will trigger their emotions and create conflict with team members.  Eventually, this leads to negativity and staff disengage. 

Symetize is proud to be certified to use a Negativity Measurement designed and developed over the last 30 years by Dr Kobus Neethling from the Neethling Institute.  This Measurement is a tool that will give you great insight into the well-being of your business.  

For example, a sports clothing manufacturer who proud themselves of releasing new and modern product ranges using the latest technology for many years.  Then suddenly things slowed down, and the company detected stagnation.  They could not pinpoint the problem, but there was something lacking within the company. The management team had certain preconceived ideas but needed a tool that could provide substantial evidence so that the core problem could be identified.

They used the Neethling Institute's Organizational Wellness measurement tool and started out by letting each employee fill out the questionnaire. The first graph drawn was that of the company’s wellness.

On the surface, it would appear as the company was operating fine, although, according to the wellness profile, ‘Ownership’ as well as ‘Interaction’ was exceptionally low. The next step was to dig deeper and draw reports for the different departments.

Analysis of the results showed that the problem is in the Sales Department.  The negativity indicator for the Sales Department was much higher than the rest of the organization.
Proceeding from here, they convened a meeting with the Sales Department. The meeting was conducted in an informal, non-threatening and open-ended way to determine the cause for the negativity. The interviews indicated by a single individual. Further investigation highlighted that the individual was being manipulated and abused by one of the managers.

The wellness profile clearly indicated the problem, and steps could now be implemented to rectify it. Six months later the Negativity Measurement was administered again and there was a remarkable improvement in all areas.



Symetize works closely with clients to turn the business around by creating systems that focus on health and the consequence are belonging, success and wealth.  This example is not unique and most family-owned business needs support to manage relationships between family members.  

Symetize defines business charters for family-owned businesses that will drive the business long after family members leave.  They implement governance structures that scale the business without family conflict and the 100-hour workweeks. 

Symetize offers extraordinary problem-solving techniques, creativity tools, and models to unlock your and your staff's true potential through collaboration and innovation. Transforming fear and self-limiting mindsets into creativity to eliminate miscommunication and create a culture of inclusion, diversity, and innovation.


Symetize makes light work of business change!!


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